Mini Splits

Air Conditioner - White's Refrigeration in Huntsville, AL
White's Refrigeration provides installation and repair services for mini split systems. A mini split has two different parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The two parts are linked together and can work in older or newer homes. Mini splits are a great choice in place of an air conditioning unit. Mini splits are not as noisy and don't take up as much space as air conditioner does. At White's Refrigeration, we can install mini splits to produce the cool air you seek in the summer and heat during those cold, winter months.

Our team will size your mini split system to fit properly and proportionally in your home or business. We will analyze the square footage of your home, how many people occupy your home/a particular room, how much insulation is in your home and the climate. We will provide you will an estimate of the cost and walk you through the steps and benefits of mini splits.
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