Ice Machines

Ice Machine - White's Refrigeration in Huntsville, AL
White's Refrigeration can repair, install and help you maintain your ice machines. Whether it's for a home under the counter bar or for your business, our team will ensure that whatever the problem may be, that it's done the right way the first time. We use ice machines every day, without thought and don't think about it unless something goes wrong with our ice machine or we're in need of a new one.

Ice machines come in multiple sizes, shapes and with specific, special features. There are many different factors to think about when purchasing an ice machine such as if it's for personal use or commercial. Whether you want a specific type of ice type such as bullet, cube like or clear just to name a few, White's Refrigeration can install, repair or assist you in deciding the ice machine that works for you.
No matter if your ice machine needs are small, moderate or large, rely on White's Refrigeration for all of your repair, installation and maintenance needs of your ice machines.