Commercial Refrigeration

At White's Refrigeration, our commercial customers find a broad range of equipment, units, devices and services that meet all their refrigeration needs. If you aren't happy, we aren't doing our job, which is why we offer an extensive selection of equipment, a comprehensive range of services and an expertly trained team.
We give our customers access to systems and units from all major brands, encompassing most makes and models, and we provide full-scope installation services for all commercial climate control products. Our company also offers repair and maintenance for any make or model, which means we're here to help at every step of the process from consultation and installation to long-term services. Our installation experts work quickly and effectively, ensuring you get to benefit from your refrigeration system as soon as possible.

Maintenance is extremely important to the long-term functionality and effectiveness of all refrigeration units and systems. At White's Refrigeration, we take routine maintenance very seriously. No matter the age, condition or brand of your commercial refrigeration unit, White's Refrigeration will do everything possible to ensure it functions properly.
Fridge - refrigeration in Huntsville, AL
Fridge 2 - refrigeration in Huntsville, AL
Fridge 3 - refrigeration in Huntsville, AL
In addition, our company provides repairs to all commercial refrigeration systems. From scheduled repairs and urgent same-day service to full emergency repairs, White's Refrigeration has you covered. Take advantage of our flexible scheduling as well as our 24/7 emergency repair services. No matter what goes wrong, be assured that White's Refrigeration will be there to fix it.