Commercial AC & Heat

Commercial AC - White's Refrigeration in Huntsville, AL
White's Refrigeration offers an extensive range of air conditioning and heat systems for our commercial customers. Whether you have a small office or a multi-floor property, White's Refrigeration will work with you to develop a solution that meets your business's climate control needs.

In addition to heat and AC unit installation, we perform professional repairs for all AC and heat systems. We offer standard and same-day repairs, and we wholeheartedly extend our 24-hour emergency repair services to all our commercial customers. No matter what happens, no matter what time of day or night, our expert repair service is just a phone call away. Our team provides routine, manufacturer-approved maintenance for all AC and heat systems, regardless of make or model.
White's Refrigeration offers a huge range of units, systems and other options that we can tailor to your needs and preferences. We offer preventive maintenance programs per month, quarter, yearly or other time periods that may fit your business needs.

Contact us today to schedule a repair, preventive maintenance service or get a quote.